March 21, 2008

Per Depressivum Ad Adversitum...

Through depression to adversity. A bit of a roller coaster ride lately, eh? Sliding down but springing up. The 'up' seems to make me angry or emotionally tired, or both and the 'down' comes about from that. Still, it's a fairly up day today so make the most of it.

The thought that I have another 4 days off before I go back to work is sheer heaven. I feel more relaxed already. Today's been a day of doing bugger all so we can go visiting and shopping tomorrow. It's Carole's birthday today and Chris's on Monday so we need to get a card and a pressie for them. I also need to see the Koenig's so we could pop over there as well. If the coal yards open in the morning we can get some. It's supposed to be snowing by tomorrow.

Niadh's upstairs killing things and claiming land and Squiggle is curled up and asleep on the settee next to me. It's gusting quite strongly outside but all's quiet right at the moment. There's no sound of the rain we had last night and this afternoon. It hammered down last night and was extremely windy.

There, the wind's picked up again. I can hear the tree over the road rustling and the gentle rattle of windows in the house. But it's cosy in here.

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