September 12, 2008

What Next?

So I'm getting a bit more used to the place as it is. I've re-arranged the bedroom and am going to make a start on the kitchen next. Then there's just the back room. I've been in there quite a bit lately and got more used to it as it is as well. It's just becoming a junk room ... my junk room. One I want to turn into a functioning room, where I can use the desk, or put someone up for the night. I might have to buy a nice, small, chair to sit and read in.

I've also found that my little idiosyncrasies are getting more settled. I can use the place as I like and when I come back to it, it's as I left it. All the time!

I'm not totally used to it though. It still feels like something is missing. It feels like there is a presence missing as well. Nile's stuff has gone and so has he and it's going to take a while to get used to that.

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