October 23, 2011

Marmalade and Roots

More from Sept. And so to the marmalade fountain, but we couldn't find it so had to make do with buying various delectations from the shop instead. Hog heaven? More like marmalade and jam heaven. Stephen looked like a kid in a sweet shop and I fell in love a bit more.

We breakfasted on toast and Tawny Marmalade and tea, visited the museum and spent probably more than we intended in the shop. Still, we had a lovely time and Stephen got to see the place that supplies his favourite breakfast spread. If we'd found the office and reception I think he would have thanked them for past letters he's exchanged and just for being there.

A walk in the woods gave me more reason to fall in love. I seem to be continually falling for this man. The seasons and rhythms of nature seem to run right through him. A connection I mislaid long ago is becoming stronger because of him. Understanding is an understatement with him; I feel he knows me and I know him.

The continuum of lust, love and intimacy grows stronger and we weave a richer tapestry because of it. We are painting a picture together, writing a story together, singing a song together. My roots grow stronger and go deeper than ever. Home is in him and with him. Home has become a person rather than a place.

He once said, "The more I lose myself in you the more I find myself." The same applies to me Puck. It is through you that I am finding myself. It takes time but we've got loads of that ahead of us.

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