March 18, 2012

On Becoming Chairman

A couple of months back I was persuaded to become the Chair for Maldon Art Trail as the people who were organising it up until last year were stepping down. A new committee had been formed but they needed a Chairman. I got into conversation with a friend who is also involved and found him steering me towards taking the position. I was quite flattered actually and quite excited as well. Maldon Art Trail has gone from strength to strength over the last 4 years and is now quite a big event.

On Friday myself and 2 other committee members met with the 2 women who used to organise the trail for a photo shoot to publicise the hand over to the new committee. The shoot took place at the Museum of Power in Langford, where the launch party for the Art Trail is to take place and who host the ever-popular sculpture trail. We’re a jolly looking lot in the photos and it’s going to be difficult to decide which one goes with the press release.

Susan, who manages the Museum, then took a couple of us on a bit of a guided tour including going down into the belly of the Museum. It’s a fascinating place. Susan is very enthusiastic about the Museum and has brought it a long way from the collection of greasy parts a few years ago. She and Stephen got on like a house on fire and I can see Stephen getting involved with volunteering and who knows what. I got quite excited for him when I thought of the possibilities of involvement for him. I can just see him conducting tours and leaping around on 'Marshall' (a fine example of an 'inverted vertical' triple-expansion steam pumping engine – look it up).

Mike Barter has built robots from scrap pieces that are situated at the Museum and the kids love them. Susan and Mike have often talked about a book for the Museum but neither of them have time. While we were there Friday Susan talked about the robots and their characters and I found the fuel firing up in me. I wrote a rough sketch of an idea when I got home and emailed it to Mike to see what he thought. I’d like to run it past Susan as well and see what she thinks. It will give me the big push I need to get my pen and pad out and write! I might even consider doing the illustrations as well.

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