November 07, 2012

A New Fire

Happiness is a new warm fire, dinner of pumpkin, ginger, lemon, cumin and potato gratin cooked by my man, and a glass of 10 year old Hunter Valley Shiraz he brought back from Australia in 2003.

The fire arrived this morning and has been well tested today. It's made a huge difference to the heat in the lounge already - and there is nowhere near the amount of draughts we used to experience. We just need to get used to how it burns and lighting it effectively.

Dinner (cooked by Stephen) was superb and fresh and went very well with the wine. The two complimented each other very well. I feel quite privileged to have been the one to share the wine, which he has been saving all these years, and the new fire and dinner with Stephen. He's just gorgeous and I love sharing everything with him.

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