January 09, 2014

Knitting Jumpers From The Wool That's Pulled Over Our Eyes

So, Sir Margaret Thatcher's government wanted to shut down more coal pits than they said they did. Of course, key advisors would deny any cover-up claims and they always have done. Quite right, it's what they get paid for isn't it?

The information released by the National Archives after 30 years shows much that would have been shouted down as 'conspiracy theories' even while the national populace knew its truth ... we always seem to know the truth even when we're told we don't.

The government will always try to pull the wool over our eyes in a futile attempt to cover up what is later revealed to be just that - a cover-up.

I'm surprised there hasn't been the uprising my mother thought there should be back in 1983. "It's time this country had a revolution," she said. And she wasn't a revolutionary type, my mother, but she knew injustice when she saw it and she was only 5'3".

We vote our governments in to dish injustice out to us, don't we? We always do. It's what democracy is for. And then, because we can't face the stupidity of what we've done, we wave our hands and say, "Oh, they always do it. The next government will be better." Really?

Our governments are usually full of the most unrepresentative people; MPs with privileged educations and more than one home. How is that representative of the people? When was the last time you felt that our PM downwards had any idea of what life is like for us mere mortals? Exactly. They are removed from us and seem to think they can do what they like - and usually do.

That Bliar chap a few years ago cried 'justice' while authorising and encouraging bombing the hell out of Iraq. 'We have good cause,' he said, while we cried "Bliar." So, who was right? We haven't even had to wait 30 years to find out what we all knew all along. Try as he might he couldn't pull the wool over our eyes.

The frustration is, we didn't seem to be able to actually do much about it at the time. We were too busy knitting wooly jumpers with all that wool. All our protests were treated in much the same way as Sir Margaret sanctioned in the 80s - oppress the buggers and beat them down.

Oh, and while we're at it, did you know she and her government were all for flooding Kent and Essex to save London when the building of the Thames barrier was delayed due to a strike? Playing God as well, were we Sir Margaret? That moment with the tailplane of a model of a British Airways 747 obviously went to her head.

While not condoning violence I think there was a great lesson to be learnt from the fate of Mr. and Mrs. Ceausescu. Go too far and your own people will bay for your blood ... and one day they might just get it.

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